Warner Anderson

WA Event Management

Owner of WA Event Management. A Santa Barbara, CA based event management business with community building objectives.

Rebecca Anderson

Joe Andrieu

Tara Arm

Kyle Ashby

The Sandbox Santa Barbara

Kyle is the Co Founder of THE SANDBOX Santa Barbara.

He's also the founder of Startup Santa Barbara (StartupSB) and an advisory firm called Kaldera that focuses on design and revenue growth strategy for business and organizations.

He's 100% dedicated to the growth and success of the Santa Barbara startup and creative communities.



jeff atlas

Gina Auriemma

Ana Avila

Funnel Dash

Jake Ballantine

Terry Baxter

Jonas Brickus

Tanya Brody

Kyle Butts

Isabel campanelli

Todd Capps

Lois and Walter Capps Center

Paula Cassin

Agility Scales

I'm working for international startup - play our work-life game to accelerate your experiments at work.

Jason Caylor

Crystal Cobb

Matt Cook

Carrie Cooper

Dani Couture

David Cronshaw

David is a SB native and is a Sr. Product and Project Manager. Most recently he released a self-serve platform QuiverDigital -, allowing filmmakers to self-release and monetize their films on all of the download and streaming services - iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Xbox, Playstation ect. Prior to Quiver Digital, David was a Sr Program Manager at Microsoft in their Online Services Division. Before Microsoft, he was co-founder of a leading entertainment portal. David is passionate about giving back to the SB Tech community and helping folks create their tech dreams.

Dave Dahl

paul daniel

Mario de Souza

Mark DePaco

Ryan Dewane

Django Dexter

Mike Dickman

Mike Dickman Consulting Group

web development. social media. search. creative marketing. known to select few as marketing mike.

Jessica DiCostanzo


Keir DuBois

Jaclyn Dunt

Mike Foley

Gary Fox

jordan gorla


Jordan is a web developer for FunnelDash. FunnelDash is a closed loop marketing analytics solution that allows businesses to track and attribute real sales back to their facebook ads.

holly gressley

Vox Media

J. Scott Hamilton

James Hanna

James Hanna

Leslie Harwell

Andrew Hill

PHAROS Creative, LLC

Heather Hochrein


Heather is driven to create an inclusive clean energy economy both as an electric vehicle driver and the CEO of EVmatch. She's well versed in climate policy and electric utilities from her time working at and contracting with Pacific Gas and Electric Company. She also spent five years in leadership roles at Rising Sun Energy Center, where she managed an annual budget of $1.5 million and 25 staff members. She holds a master’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara focused on Energy and Climate, and a Bachelor of Science from University of California, Berkeley.

Joshua Irvine

Sarah Isabella

Zach Johnson


Founder of

Em Johnson

Em is the Development Director of the rural innovation gathering place known as Blue Sky Center. Em works with Philip and together, with a team of highly motivated creatives and innovative entrepreneurs, have embarked on a mission to connect communities and enhance prosperity through equitable collaborations.

Blue Sky Center's mission is to regenerate the land, economy, and community through equitable partnerships and share scalable models with other communities.

Come visit our high-desert hub in the Cuyama Valley!

Matthew Kauk

Alie Keegan

Seikichi Kuma

Michael Lewis

Pedro J. Lopez-Baldrich

Michele Ly

Yogesh M

Teri Malinowski

Yumiko Maruyama

Mike McElhaney

Casey McGarry

Jacqueline McGuan

Antonio Medrano

Antonio Medrano

Jessamyn Miller

Karla Mora

Kedrin Muhlbach

Elizabeth Musson


Christine Nakashiba

Susie Naughton

Andrea Neal

Brianna Neese

Chad Newell


Kelli Nowakowski

Stephanie Oliveira

Steve Perez

Natali Rahimzadeh

Kristie Reed

Jordon Rupp

Jordon Rupp

Aya Sasaki

Erica Schreiber

Mark Schulbach


Aside from Co-founding THE SANDBOX, I'm a designer/contractor, a doctoral gene hacker/biochemist, and an ocean endurance athlete who is generally stoked on all things related to the Health/Wellness/Lifestyle Space. Welcome to THE SANDBOX!

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Julie Scotland

Jamie Silva

Thomas Sims

Charlie Smith

Jeff Speer

Alicia St Rose


Matthew Stotts

Kyle Svenningsen

Nate Swanson

Jenny Talavera

test test

Drew Thorne-Thomsen

Vanessa Ting

sara torrez

Alex Tran

Anuja Upadhye

Mat Vogels

Shannon Walker


Shannon has a creative mindset and dedication to the growth of cleaner transport. At EVmatch she wears many hats, but spends most of her time managing software development for the EVmatch sharing platform. Previously Shannon was a Sustainability Intern at Vans where she used data analysis to reduce the company’s environmental footprint across its global supply chain. She holds a Bachelor of Science from University of California, Los Angeles and a master's from University of California, Santa Barbara.

larrie wanberg

Jane Weaver

Sarah Westervelt

Allison Wilkey

Jennifer Zacharias